Sleep plan for children between 18 months and 5 years of age

I am Anna Pasotti, L’Acchiappasonno – The Sleep Catcher, and I work with caring and exhausted parents who are struggling with night wakings or bedtime struggles. Your only problem is that this has been happening for so long you are convinced that sleep will never come back and parenting is supposed to be this hard. It isn’t, and I can help you change it and make your evenings and nights peaceful again.

Your child is between 18 months and 5 years old and 

  • will only fall asleep with you lying in bed with them?
  • has numerous and difficult night wakings that end up in bed sharing?
  • puts up a battle against bedtime  every evening?


You and your partner:

  • start feeling anxious when the evenings approach?
  • are so exhausted that you always feel angry or depressed?
  • feel like you haven’t had a proper evening together in ages?
Sleep plan for children between 18 months and 5 years of age

If this is you and you are feeling the weight of it you are in the right place. Together we can support your child in discovering and developing their own independent sleep skills so that you will start sleeping through the night again, enjoy the evenings with your family and wake up a happy, relaxed and energized parent.

This day is closer than you think!

How can this plan help you?

What is sleep counseling for?

Imagine how good it will feel like to go from unpredictable and exhausting nights to peaceful consistent sleep.  

    • What if evenings and getting ready for sleep will become a happy moment to be looking forward to?
    • Imagine knowing exactly how the night will go. 
    • What if you could wake up to your child’s rested laugh and dreams report? 
  • Imagine starting your day rested, full of energy and feeling like your old self again.
  • What if the evenings become the moment when you have time for yourself and your relationship?

With my help all of this will be possible. 

Yes, I need this!

You are a loving parent who deeply cares about your children and only wants the best for them.  You juggle the needs and schedule of everyone in your family and sometimes worry you might be doing it wrong: you deserve guidance and to be rested and happy. This is the exact reason I created L’Acchiappasonno Sleep Consulting; to take you from stressful and dreadful nights to waking up rested and ready for a new day every morning.

I am Anna Pasotti, L’Acchiappasonno – The Sleep Catcher, previously an educator I have trained with the Sleep Sense Programme that has helped more than 200.000 families, and have since personally worked with more than 400 families allowing them to obtain fast results while using gentle and personalized support and will be honored if your family decided to be one of them.

Infant sleep consultant

Here’s what’s included in this package and how I’ll help you!

A two hours long on-line sleep consultation call that will allow me to better understand your child’s and family’s needs and prepare a plan that feels right for you, your little one and that fits your personality.

A three weeks personalized sleep plan that better responds to your needs so that the changes we’ll make will feel natural to you and that, through empathy and understanding, your little one will learn how to sleep through the night as fast as possible.

Three weeks of daily WhatsApp support, and 6 phone calls so that you’ll never feel alone during the plan and make sure you are supporting your little one as gently as possible. Before starting the plan we’ll take 4/7 days of preparation to make sure your child is ready to start.

Material for the future in order to make sure that you and your child will keep sleeping through the night after sickness, traveling or any big changes and you’ll be able to start living and programming a life without stress and knowing they’ll keep sleeping well.

Let’s start sleeping well now!

Peaceful parents

Families who have worked with me say they couldn’t have made a better choice: some even say I have become their idol. People valued my professionalism, empathy and ability to support them through the whole plan allowing them to feel safe, understood and to better support their children. The way I help you prepare before starting sleep training sets us up for success and allows the children I work with to start loving sleep and feeling proud when they do it well. 

All I want is for you and your child to sleep better and I am committed to making it work. 

The investment required for the 2 hours consultation, 3 weeks plan and material for future reference starts at 595 euro.


A goodnight sleep has never been so close!

Find the plan that best suits our needs

If you live in Milan I can come to your home

Families in Milan have the opportunity to have in-home support by Anna. In-home support allows me to get to know you better. 

Families who have chosen the in-home support in the first evening have seen their children sleep better at a faster rate

Still got questions? This is what I am here for.

Here is what the families I served say about me

Anna - Teresa, 20 months

Abbiamo scelto di chiamare Anna e di fidarci di lei ed è stata davvero una svolta per la nostra famiglia!!! Grazie alla sua competenza e al suo accompagnamento, Teresa ha imparato, con nostra grande sorpresa, ad addormentarsi da sola e a dormire la notte intera, senza risvegli!  Lei ha saputo darci gli strumenti per poter conoscere Teresa e guidarla in questo passo. Una nuova vita per noi! Vero riposo per tutti e finalmente un po’ di tempo di cui godere la sera! Grazie Anna, grazie di cuore!

Moira – Edardo 2,5 years old

Let yourself be surprised by Edoardo’s abilities” this is what Anna told us. From night one Edoardo, 2 years and a half old, surprised us. This plan actually helped us more than it did him. Anna has taught us how important routine is and how important it is to find what works for Edoardo and then put it into practice. Edoardo was sleeping in the bed with us and now he happily goes to bed in his own bed and loves his sleep sack. Thanks Anna.

Lucia – Samuele 18 months

When we contacted Anna our son, Samu, was 18 months old and wouldn’t sleep more than 2 consecutive hours. We had no more energy and couldn’t see the end of it. Anna has given us strength and the motivation to start this plan and we started seeing immediately the results. Thanks to her we realized we had to trust our son more and sleeping through the night has now become normal.

Claudia – Luna 20 months

Luna, our 20 months old daughter, has always fallen asleep while breastfeeding or by being held by her dad. Once we found ourselves sleeping in our bed the whole night breastfeeding and she kept waking up nervous in the mornings we decided to contact Anna and she has been since the beginning very professional. She listened to us and gave us support during the whole process. She helped us a lot and today Luna falls asleep independently in her crib and sleeps from 8:30 PM to 7:30 AM!

Cristina Adele 3 anni

Adele, 3 years old, has always loved sleeping but she would only do it laying on top of me or her dad. Following Anna’s support and advice had changed everything from day one. Adele started sleeping by herself in her bed and never woke up. Anna has shown us that she already knew how to, we just needed to trust her and support her. It seems small, but it’s a whole new life. We don’t have to go to bed at 9PM with her and she is showing to be more secure of herself also in other areas where she would need our presence before. Sleeping like this has made her feel proud of herself. Miracle worker Anna!

Monique - Amalia 21 months

After 21 months our baby didn’t sleep.. she only fell asleep in our arms while we were standing, all accompanied by lots and lots of crying! A fight. Every awakening was like this and every night was a surprise, we only knew that there would be many awakenings, 3, 4 and very often we lasted 2, even 3 hours. We were exhausted and so was the baby. Too few hours of sleep for everyone. Anna changed our lives! He guided us carefully, sometimes with small precautions and prepared us for the problems we would face along the way, step by step! Now our little girl sleeps peacefully, when she wakes up, she goes back to sleep independently. During the day she is more rested, which is also seen in her ability to learn, which has clearly improved. We too are more rested and more serene. Thanks Anna!