Short consultation regarding your child's sleep

I Am Anna Pasotti, L’Acchiappasonno – The Sleep Catcher, and I work with caring and confused parents who are struggling with understanding their child’s sleep. Your only problem is that there is so much conflicting information that you do not know what is best for you child and fear sleep is so sensitive that you might ruin everything at the first wrong step.

I will support you in making sure that you have all of the answers you need and will be able to keep supporting your child’s sleeping while he/she grows. 

Your child is older than 4 months and younger than 5 years old and

  • wakes up every day at 5 AM?
  • their nap schedule is all over the place?
  • you don’t know if they’re ready to move to a big bed?


Do you and your partner: 


  • feel like your evenings could be better structured and enjoyable?
  • have no idea how their sleep will change in the next months?
  • want to make sure you are prepared for future sleep regressions?
short consultation

Imagine how good it will feel to know for sure that what you are doing is the right way to best support your little one’s sleep. 

This day is closer than you think!

How can this consultation help you?

30 minutes consultation
  • What if the evenings become the smoothest part of your day?
  • Imagine knowing exactly when the right time to extend the awake window is.
  • What if you always know at what time to suggest a nap?
  • Imagine being sure that morning wake up time is as late as it can be.
  • What if you could have a step by step plan when transitioning to a big bed?

This consultation will give you all the answers you need to get there.

This day is just one click away!

You are a loving parent who deeply cares about your children and only wants the best for them.  You feel like you are drowning while researching what is best for everyone in your family and sometimes worry you might be doing it wrong: you deserve guidance and the reassurance that when you make a change it’s the right one.

That is the exact reason I created L’Acchiappasonno Sleep Consulting, to take you from stressful research on sleep to making sure you’ll keep waking up rested and relaxed for a new day every morning.

I am Anna Pasotti, L’Acchiappasonno – The Sleep Catcher, previously an educator I have trained with the Sleep Sense Programme that has helped more than 200.000 families, and have since personally worked with more than 400 families allowing them to obtain fast results while using gentle and personalized support and will be honored if your family decided to be one of them.

acchiappasonno consultation

Your family could be next!

 Here’s what’s included in this package and how I’ll help you!

A 30 minute long phone call that will allow me to better understand your child’s and family’s needs and give you guidance through empathy and understanding on the one topic that is worrying you so that you’ll know exactly what to do once the call is over.

A written recap of everything that we talked about on the phone and any visual additional tools if needed so that you’ll have written step by step plan and will make sure you’ll do everything correctly

The possibility to send me an email in advance with what is worrying you so that on the phone we’ll focus on the solutions and not the problems and you’ll get out as much as possible from your time with me

Let’s KEEP sleeping well now!

Peaceful parents

Families who have worked with me say they couldn’t have made a better choice: some even say I have become their idol. People valued my professionalism, empathy and ability to support them through the whole plan allowing them to feel safe, understood and to better support their children. The way I help you prepare you and your child for better sleep is based on science, experience and your own needs as a family.

All I want is for you and your child to sleep better and I am committed to making it work. 

The investment required for the 30 minutes long consultation, starts at 85 euro. 

Keep sleeping well!


Will my child sleep through the night after this consultation?

I don’t know, if the difficulties your child is having now are only caused by environmental factors this consultation could make a big difference. But, if your child doesn’t know how to sleep independently, it’s very unlikely a 30 minute long consultation will make a huge difference. I suggest you book a whole plan instead.

Can I decide to book a sleep plan after a short consultation?

Absolutely, one doesn’t go against the other. If you decide to start a sleep plan towards independent sleep in the 3 months after this consultation you will receive a discount of 35 euro on the plan’s value. 

This is what families I have helped say about me

Claudia - Brando 2 years and a half

I asked Anna for help regarding my 2,5 years old boy. We have made sure since he was very young that he would sleep peacefully and independently but now he was going to start daycare and, thanks to Anna and her support we understood the tools to support him and prioritize his rest even in this new environment. This way he slept peacefully both during the day and at night. During this call we also planned the transition to a big boy bed. Thanks Anna for reminding us that good sleep is not a destination but a journey that changes with our children and that can be enjoyable.

Giorgia - Ginevra 20 momnths

I chose Anna after studying her on IG for weeks, finding out about awake windows changed my life! I had a lot of questions and I was tired of random suggestions so I decided to book a 30 minute long consultation two times. The first when Ginevra was 11 months old and the second time when she was 20 months old; two different moments of her life and ours as well. Anna is extremely well prepared, there was no question she didn’t have the answer to, she never judged us and always wants to make sure to understand what you, as a parent, need or desire. I always suggest her support to anyone because, if your child sleeps well, so do you and everyone in the family just becomes nicer to be with! After the call Anna sends you a written report of everything you talked about so you know you won’t miss anything she said and can show it to your partner.